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AltumCode: Admin Panel New Features 🔥

Hey hey 👋 Fabian/AltumCode here, back with great news and updates on what happened lately 🙌. If you a
AltumCode: Admin Panel New Features 🔥
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Hey hey 👋
Fabian/AltumCode here, back with great news and updates on what happened lately 🙌.
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Remaking all the Admin Panel management pages
Yes, this is true. I’ve fully reworked all of the management pages in the admin panel (Users, Payments…etc) for all of the products.
It went from looking like this:

To looking like this:
I’ve decided to take the time to do this refactoring as the previous implementation with DataTable JS was extremely limiting, performing pretty badly, and annoying to work with.
All of these pages now look even better and cleaner 🔥.

Implementing proper filtering for all Admin Panel pages
The previous implementation was always missing a proper filtering system. Now, all of the products are coming with filtering methods, such as:
Search by different terms, filter by column values, order by particular columns, order type (ascending, descending), how many results to show.
Admin Panel Users & Payments export to CSV & JSON
A fully remade CSV export that includes even more details than before. This implementation now comes along with a JSON export as well.

Admin Panel Webhook Events
If you ever wanted to automatically sign up your registered users to your newsletter service, this is much more easier now 🙌.
You will be able to specify a webhook URL that will get a ping with user details (email, name) of newly signed up users, that you can do anything you want with after.
This can be easily integrated to work with Zapier.
Everything that was mentioned here is already implemented in all the products, hope you will enjoy them 🙌.

All of the products have been updated with extra features on their own as well, and you can check that in their own changelogs ✔️.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know by replying to this email 👋.
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